How to Load Digital Music from Your PC to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Load Digital Music from Your PC to the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

You can transfer digital music tracks stored on your PC to your Samsung Galaxy S 5.The challenge is choosing the method for transferring files from your PC to your phone. If you plan to download one or a few files, using e-mail is most convenient.

If you plan to move a large music library from your PC to your phone, however, the e-mail approach is too cumbersome. Instead, load the memory card that resides in your phone by connecting it to your PC.

You’ll need to use an adapter — a card reader — that allows you to insert your MicroSD memory in a holder with a standard USB connection. Here is one such adapter in use with the memory card. The actual size of the card is about as big as the fingernail on your pinky.


Each model of phone has an SD card that comes with it. You can buy cards with larger capacity if you wish. Prices for these memory cards have been dropping, but as a ballpark, an 8GB card will run you $5, and it’s $10 for 16GB, $20 for 32GB, and $40 for 64GB. Expect to pay more at a cellular carrier’s retail store, however.

If you’ve ever used a thumb drive to transfer a file from one PC to another, you’ll find the process similar when you’re copying music files to your phone via the MicroSD card. These steps are as follows:

  1. Turn off your phone.

  2. Remove the back of your phone.

  3. Remove the MicroSD card from your phone.

    The memory card lies flat in its slot. To remove it, use a fingernail to pull it out of its slot. The spring ejects it slightly from the slot.

  4. Insert your memory card into your adapter.

  5. Plug your adapter into your PC.

    When you plug in the USB MicroSD Adapter into a USB port, your PC recognizes it as just another thumb drive (a removable disk) and asks you what you want to do. Here is a typical choice pop-up menu for a PC. The actual screen you see depends upon how your PC is set up, of course.


  6. Click Open Folder to View Files.

    This opens a window with the files on your MicroSD card.

  7. On your PC, open the folder with your digital music and copy the files you want to your MicroSD card.

    Don’t worry about which folder to use to place the files. Your phone is happy to do that for you.

  8. After all the files are copied, eject the adapter MicroSD card from your PC.

  9. Remove the MicroSD card from your adapter and put it back in your phone.

  10. Turn on your phone.

    Your phone sees these new files, knows that they are audio files, and organizes them for you when you open up the Music Player app. Done.