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How to Link Contacts on Your Galaxy S6

By Bill Hughes

This Contacts list on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is smart. Here’s how linking works: Say your best friend is Bill Boyce. You sent Bill a text earlier to let him know about your new phone. You then sent him a text and entered his telephone number. You took it to the next step and tapped Add Contact.

When you were prompted to add his name, you did. Now your phone has a contact, “Bill Boyce.”

Then you linked your e-mail. Of course your buddy Bill is in your e-mail Contacts list. Several things happened. First, your phone and your Gmail account synced. Your phone thinks about it, and figures this must be the same person. It automatically combines all the information in one entry on your phone!

Then your phone automatically updates your Gmail account. On the left side of the following figure, you see the Google logo just beneath Bill’s e-mail address. This contact is synced with your Gmail account. You didn’t have to do anything to make this happen.

Your phone noticed that Bill’s work number was in your e-mail contact information, but the mobile phone number you used to text him was not. No problem! Now the contact on your phone includes both the information you had in your e-mail contact as well as his mobile phone.

Now, as slick as this system is, it isn’t perfect. In this scenario, both contacts have the same first and last name. However, if the same person also goes by a different name, you have to link these contacts. For example, if you created a contact for Bill Boyce, but your e-mail refers to him as William D. Boyce, your phone will assume that these are two different people.

Two contacts for the same person.
Two contacts for the same person.

No problem, though. Do you see the chain links icon in the box that says Connected via? Here are the steps to link the two contacts for the same person:

  1. From a contact, tap on the chain icon.

    This brings up the pop-up shown here.

    The Linking Page for Bill Boyce.
    The Linking Page for Bill Boyce.

    Choose the contact whose name you want to be the primary name. For example, tap the link on the Bill Boyce contact, which is saved in Gmail. This will be the name used on the combined contact going forward.

  2. Tap the Link Another Contact hyperlink at the bottom of the screen.

    Your phone will try to help you with some suggestions, as shown here. If it gets it all wrong, you can just find the other contact by searching alphabetically.

    Some linking suggestions.
    Some linking suggestions.
  3. Tap the Contact you want joined.

    In this case, the last guess, William D. Boyce, is the one you want. Tap the selection box to the left of his name. The result is shown here.

    The Linked contacts.
    The Linked contacts.

Now tap the hyperlink that says Link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This combined link will now have all the information on this one person.

Let no man put this link asunder (unless you made a mistake and want to change it. Then go tap the chain icon to break the link.)