How to Juggle Two Calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Juggle Two Calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

After you answer a second call, your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is working with two calls at a time. In this particular situation, you can speak with only one person at a time; juggling two calls isn’t the same as participating in a conference call.

On some phones, depending on your carrier, after receiving a call while you’re on the phone, you may see the Accept Call After prompt. You have two choices:

Put the existing call on hold. Choose the option to answer the incoming call and then return to the original call after you hang up on the new guy.

End the existing call. Choose this option to say goodbye to the current call and start a new conversation.

If you choose to accept the incoming call, or when the Accept Call After prompt doesn’t appear, the original call is placed on hold. The touchscreen displays information about both calls.


You can do a few things while the phone is handling two calls:

Swap calls: To switch callers, touch the Swap icon on the touchscreen. Every time you touch this icon, the conversation moves to the other caller. The current person is then put on hold. (The current caller is on top.)


Merge calls: To combine both calls so that everyone is talking with each other (three people), touch the Merge icon. This icon may not be available if the Merge feature becomes suppressed by your cellular provider.


End: To end a call, touch the End Call button, just as you normally do. The current caller is disconnected, and you’re left talking with the person who was on hold.

After one call ends, the conversation returns to the other caller. You can then proceed to talk — discuss the weather, the local sports team, whatever — until you hang up or another call interrupts you.

  • The number of different calls your phone can handle depends on your carrier. For most subscribers in the United States, your phone can handle only two calls at a time. In that case, a third person who calls you either hears a busy signal or is sent directly to voice mail.

  • If the person on hold hangs up, you may hear a sound or feel the phone vibrate when the call is dropped.

  • When you touch the End Call icon using a Galaxy Note phone on the Verizon network, both calls may appear to have been disconnected. That’s not the case: In a few moments, the call you didn’t disconnect “rings” as though the person is calling you back. No one is calling you back, though: The phone is simply returning you to that ongoing conversation.