How to Establish an Internet Home Page on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Establish an Internet Home Page on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

The home page is the first page you see when you start the Internet app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and it’s the first page that’s loaded when you fire up a new window. To set your home page, heed these directions in the Internet app:

  1. Browse to the page that you want to set as the home page.

  2. Press the Menu button and choose the Settings command.

    The Internet app’s Settings screen appears.

  3. Choose Set Homepage.

    Four options are presented:

    Default Page: This page is one that was preset by either Samsung, your cellular provider, or even Google.

    Current Page: The page you’re viewing, which you conveniently set at Step 1.

    Most Visited Sites: This page displays a clutch of six websites you frequent.

    Other: This setting lets you type in a web page address, which you don’t have to do because you obeyed Step 1.

  4. Choose the Current Page item.

  5. Touch the Done button.

    The home page is set.

The home page you chose now appears whenever you start the Internet app or open a new window.

If you want your home page to be blank, and not set to any particular web page, choose the Other option in Step 3. In the Set text box, type about:blank. That’s the word about, a colon, and then the word blank, with no period at the end and no spaces in the middle.

Touch the OK button to set a blank home page. Not only is it the fastest web page to load, it’s also the web page with the most accurate information.