How to Download the Facebook App to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Download the Facebook App to the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

A very popular app to have on your Samsung Galaxy S 5 is Facebook. In fact, some smartphones come with the Facebook app preinstalled on it. If the app is not already available on your phone here are the steps to follow to add the app.

  1. Open the Play Store.

  2. In the Query box, type Facebook.

    Doing so brings up a drop-down screen with different results for your Facebook search.

  3. Tap on the line with the Facebook icon.

    You want to get the Facebook application, so you can tap the line with the Facebook icon.


    If you tap the line with the Facebook name, it brings up all the titles of apps, games, books, and magazines that include the Facebook name.


    As you can see in the search results, several options include the word Facebook. The other lines in the Apps section are for apps that include the word Facebook. These are typically for apps that “enhance” Facebook in their own ways — as of this moment, 112,160 of them. Rather than go through these one by one, stick with the one with the Facebook icon.

    When you tap the Facebook app, you get a lot of information.


  4. Tap the light blue button that says Install.

    Before the download process begins, the Google Play store tells you what this application plans to do on your phone.


    This information lists all the permissions you will be granting the application when you download it.

    This is similar to the license agreements that you sign. Hopefully you read them all in detail and understand all the implications. In practice, you hope that it’s not a problem if lots of other people have accepted these conditions. In the case of a well-known application like Facebook, you’re probably safe, but you should be careful with less-popular apps.

  5. Tap the light blue Accept button.

    Before the download process starts, your app may want to know two things.

    • Do you want your phone to automatically update when Facebook (or the app provider) releases a newer version? In general, this is the most convenient option. It’s rare, but not unheard of that an update makes things worse.

    • Do you want to wait for the update to take place only when you have a Wi-Fi connection? This prevents your phone from downloading a huge application update over the cellular network. In most cases, using a Wi-Fi connection is a better option. Facebook asks you this question in the pop-up.


  6. Tap OK.

    This process is like downloading apps to your PC over the Internet.

    This may happen so fast that you look away for a second and when you look back, it’s done. Sometimes the Play Store offers you the option to keep on shopping while the app downloads in the background. If you like, you can watch the process in the notification portion of your screen.


Depending upon the speed of your connection you will see a screen showing you how fast the application is downloading.

Apps immediately give you the option to either open them or uninstall them.


The Facebook icon is now on your Apps screen along with some other recently added applications, such as Angry Birds and Pandora.