How to Download from the Internet to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Download from the Internet to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

For the sake of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a download is a transfer of information into your phone from another device, a computer, or the Internet. When you send something from the phone, you upload it.

One of the most misused words in all technology is download. People don’t understand what it means. It’s definitely not a synonym for transfer or copy, though that’s how you may hear it used most often.

You can download information from a web page into your phone. It doesn’t work exactly like downloading does on a computer.

  • There’s no need to download apps to your phone. Apps are obtained from the Google Play Store.

  • While the phone is downloading information, you see the Downloading notification. To review the downloaded item, choose this notification when the download is complete.

How to grab an image from a web page for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The simplest thing to download is an image from a web page. It’s cinchy: Long-press the image. You see a pop-up menu appear, from which you choose the Save Image command.

  • The image is stored on your phone. You can view the image by using the Gallery app; downloaded images are saved in the Download album.

  • The Downloads app can be used to review all items downloaded from the Internet to your phone.

How to download a file to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

When a link opens a document on a web page, such as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file, you can download that information to your phone. Simply long-press the link and choose the Save Link command from the menu that appears.

You can view the saved file by using the Downloads app.

How to review your downloads on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

To peruse a list of items downloaded from the Internet, or otherwise obtained via the download process on your Galaxy Note, open the Downloads app. You’ll find it eagerly awaiting your attention on the Applications screen: Look in the Samsung folder.

The Downloads app lists downloaded items, organized by date. To view a download, touch an item in the list. The appropriate app starts, displaying the downloaded item on the touchscreen.

  • Some of the items you download cannot be viewed. When this happens, you see an appropriately rude error message.

  • You can quickly review any download by choosing the Download notification.

  • Manage the downloads list by long-pressing any entry. When you do, a toolbar appears atop the screen. Use its icons to share or delete the downloaded item. As long as the toolbar is visible, you can touch items on the downloads list to select them.