How to Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Live Wallpapers - dummies

How to Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Live Wallpapers

By Dan Gookin

One way to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is to customize the background of your phone with live or even traditional wallpaper. The Home and lock screen background can be draped with two types of wallpaper:

Traditional: The wallpaper is chosen from a selection of still images. They can be images preloaded as wallpapers on the phone, or you can pluck an image from the phone’s Gallery, such as a photo you’ve taken.

Live: The wallpaper image is animated, either displaying a changing image or reacting to your touch.

To set a new wallpaper for the Home screen, obey these steps:

  1. Long-press the Home screen.

    The Home Screen menu appears.

  2. Choose the Set Wallpaper command.

  3. Choose whether to set the Home screen, Lock screen, or both Home and Lock screens.

    When you choose the Home and Lock Screens item, the image is set for both; otherwise, you can set different wallpaper images for the Home and lock screens.

  4. Use the Select Wallpaper From menu to choose an app or a source for the wallpaper.

    Among your choices, you’ll find these options:

    • Gallery: Choose a still image stored in the Gallery app.

    • Live Wallpapers: Choose an animated or interactive wallpaper from a list.

    • Photos: Choose a still image accessed via Google’s Photos app. (These are pretty much the same as the Gallery.)

    • Wallpapers: Choose a wallpaper from a range of stunning images that come with the Galaxy Note.

  5. Choose the wallpaper.

    When you choose the Gallery option, you see a preview of the wallpaper, where you can select and crop part of the image. When setting both Home and lock screens, you need to crop both horizontally and vertically at the same time.

    For certain live wallpapers, the Settings button may appear. The settings let you customize certain aspects of the interactive wallpaper.

  6. Touch the Set Wallpaper button to confirm your selection.

The new wallpaper takes over the Home screen, lock screen, or both.

  • Live wallpaper features some form of animation. Sometimes, it’s interactive, reacting to your touch.

  • The Zedge app has some interesting wallpaper features.