How to Create, Edit, and Delete Events on the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Calendar - dummies

How to Create, Edit, and Delete Events on the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Calendar

By Bill Hughes

Here’s how to create an event — referred to as (well, yeah) an “event” — on your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone. Start from one of the calendar displays. Tap the plus (+) sign. Doing so brings up the pop-up screen to add an event.

Add Event window on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

The only required information to get things started is a memorable event name and the To and From dates and start/end times.

You need the following information at hand when making an event:

  • Calendar: Decide on which calendar you want to keep this event. You can see that this event will be stored on the phone (that is, in my Calendar). When you tap this selection, the phone presents you with the other calendars you’ve synced to your phone; you can store an event on any of them.

  • Title: Call it something descriptive so you can remember what it is without having to open it up.

  • Location: This field sets the place for the event. Add here any text you find helpful, such as a room number or a store name. The friendly folks at Google included an option to select a map location, accessible by tapping the Google Map icon beside the Location field.

  • Start and End: Two entry fields for the date and the start and end times. Select the All Day box if the event is a full-day event.

    The Calendar window pops up when you save the event and allows you to sync it to one of your accounts.

If you want, you can enter more details on the meeting by adding

  • Reminder: Allows you to send out a notification minutes or hours before the actual event.

  • Repeat: This option is useful for recurring events, such as weekly meetings.

  • Description: A text box handy for any notes.

  • Time Zone: Helps you avoid the all-to-common mistake of setting a meeting in the wrong time zone.

After you fill in the obligatory (and any optional) fields and settings, tap Save. The event is stored in whichever calendar you selected when you sync. If you’re worried, go ahead and sync right away.

After you save an event, you can edit or delete it:

  • Edit: Open the event by tapping it from within one of the calendar views. Then tap the Pencil icon. This brings up the option to edit your event. Make your changes and tap Save. It’s changed when it syncs.

  • Delete: Open the event by tapping it. Tap the Garbage Can icon. This brings up a warning about deleting the event. Tap OK. The event is gone.

You can also create an event by tapping the calendar itself twice.