How to Configure Speed Dials on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Configure Speed Dials on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is blessed with abilities far beyond those of a mere mortal phone. These features would have been scoffed at in the 1940s, ridiculed in the 1950s, met with blank stares in the 1960s, yearned for in the 1970s, and, finally, achieved in the 1980s, but at exorbitant monthly fees.

How fast can you dial a phone? Don’t even try to attempt a new speed record. That’s because the Galaxy Note comes with a Speed Dial feature that will put any of your attempts to shame. Luckily for you, speed dialing can be enabled in seven simple steps!

Configure Speed Dial by following these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app.

  2. If necessary, touch the Keypad tab to see the phone-dialing screen.

  3. Press the Menu button.

  4. Choose Speed Dial Setting.

    The Speed Dial Setting screen appears, similar to the one you see in the example. You can assign up to eight speed dial settings on the Galaxy Note; speed dial setting number one is already configured for voice mail

    Speed dial setting screen on Samsung Galaxy Note.

  5. Touch a blank number.

    Blank numbers have plus icons on them.

  6. Choose a contact to speed-dial.

  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to add more speed dial contacts.

When you’re done adding numbers, press the Back button to exit the Speed Dial Setting screen.

Using speed dial is simple: Long-press a number on the keypad to dial a contact. When you release your finger, the speed dial number is dialed.

To review your speed dial settings, follow Steps 1 through 4 in this example.