How to Attach Media to a Text Message on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Attach Media to a Text Message on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

To show total disregard for its nickname, text messaging on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lets you send pictures, videos, music, or other types of media with the message. Doing so creates a multimedia message. The good news is that attaching media is simple. The better news is that you can use the same Text Messaging app to accomplish this task.

The trick works like this:

  1. Compose a message as you normally do.

  2. Touch the Attach icon.


    The icon is shown in the margin. It’s located just to the right of the Enter Message text box.

  3. Choose an app from the Attach menu.

    A menu appears, listing apps capable of generating multimedia or other attachments. The variety depends on the apps installed on your phone.

  4. If the Complete Action Using menu appears, choose a specific app to complete the task.

    Choose Just Once.

  5. Use the app you choose to create or select the media content.

    For example, choose the Image item to send a photo or video from the Gallery. Choose Take a Picture to use the Camera app to snap a quick photo.

  6. Edit the media or work the onscreen controls to complete the process.

    You may have to choose which item to send. You may also be informed that the picture or video is too large. If so, obey the directions on the screen to make the attachment more suitable for a multimedia text message.

  7. Touch the Send icon.


    In just a few short, cellular moments, the receiving party will enjoy your multimedia text message and attachment.

Another way to send a multimedia message is to start at the source, such as the app that creates media, like the Camera app. Use the Share icon in that app to choose the Messages app for sharing (attaching) the media to a message.

Multimedia text messages handle attachments of a limited size. If something won’t attach, it’s too big.