How to Add Your Contact Number on the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Screensaver

By Bill Hughes

Although, you hope you will never lose your Samsung Galaxy S 5, what happens if you do? How can someone contact you to tell you they have your phone?

If you’ve ever found a lost phone, you may recall being faced with a dilemma with multiple choices. Do you

  • Take it to the local lost and found?

  • Take it to a local retail store for owner’s carrier?

  • Try to track down the rightful owner?

  • Ignore it and not get involved?

Kudos if you do a, b, or c. If you chose c, you hope that the owner has not locked the screen. If you did option b, the store hopes that the screen isn’t locked, in which case someone can look at phone calls and texts so as to contact the owner.

If your phone is the lost one and its screen is locked, this plan falls apart — unless you’ve cleverly put your contact information on the screen. That makes it easy to contact you.

Do not use your cellular phone number as your contact number.

Here are the steps to put your contact information on your Lock Screen:

  1. From the Apps screen, tap the Settings icon.

  2. Tap Lock Screen.


  3. Tap the Owner Information link.

    This brings up the Owner Information screen.