How to Add a Contact from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Call Log - dummies

How to Add a Contact from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Call Log

By Dan Gookin

One of the quickest ways to build up your Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s address book is to add people as they phone you. After someone calls, visit the call log to add that person. Obey these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app.

  2. Touch the Logs tab at the top of the screen.

  3. Choose the phone number from the list of recent calls.

    The phone number is shown by itself, minus any contact picture or other information.

  4. Touch the Create Contact button.

    When the number belongs to an existing contact, touch the Update Existing button and choose the contact from the phone’s address book.

  5. Choose your Google account as the location to store the new contact.

    By choosing your Google account, you ensure that the contact’s information is duplicated from your phone to your Google account on the Internet.

    If you prefer another account, such as your Yahoo! account, choose it from the list. The contact information is then coordinated with that specific account.

    The Device choice keeps the contact information only on your phone. It will not be shared with other accounts. This option is not recommended until you’re familiar with using your phone.

  6. Fill in the contact’s information.

    Fill in as many blanks as you know about the caller: name and e-mail address, for example, and other information, if you know it. If you don’t know any additional information, that’s fine; just filling in the name helps clue you in to who is calling the next time that person calls (using the same number).

    Many people recommend that you add the area code prefix to the phone number, if it’s not automatically added for you. This is the age of 10-digit phone numbers.

  7. Touch the Save button to create the new contact.

You can merge duplicate contacts when you accidentally create a new contact where one already exists.

You can also create new contacts from an e-mail message, similarly to the way you create contacts by using the call log: In the Email app, touch the picture icon on an incoming message, and then proceed with Steps 4 through 7.