Get to Know the Gear S2 Models - dummies

Get to Know the Gear S2 Models

By Eric Butow

The Gear S2 comes in two models: the “standard” Gear S2, which is just called the Gear S2, and the Gear S2 Classic. Both models have many of the same features:

  • The watch itself is 1.2 inches in diameter and the screen resolution is 360 x 360 pixels. The watch case is made of stainless steel.
  • Both watches have a bezel, or a ring, around the watch face.
  • A 1.0 GHz dual-core processor powers the Gear S2.
  • The Gear S2 has 512MB of memory.
  • The watch possesses a maximum of 4GB of internal storage, but Samsung takes pains to note that the actual amount of memory you have available on the watch to store data is lower because the Gear S2 has the Tizen OS and important apps preinstalled.
  • Both models provide you with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection that connects to 802.11 b/g/n/e standards.
  • You can connect to other devices using Bluetooth v4.1.
  • Both models have Near Field Communication (NFC) support so that you can connect with other devices within two inches of each other. Samsung plans to use NFC with its Samsung Pay service so that you can use the Gear S2 to pay for stuff, with this feature becoming available sometime in 2016.
  • When you’re ready to recharge your Gear S2, you use the charging dock that comes with your watch. (You learn more about your charging dock in Chapter 2, when you charge the Gear S2 for the first time.)
  • Both smartwatch models have the same version of the Tizen OS and the same apps preinstalled.
  • Last but not least, you can select from a variety of watch face designs so that when you see the time on your Gear S2, you’ll be reminded about how cool your Gear S2 is.

Meeting the plain ol’ Gear S2

The “standard” Gear S2 has a more streamlined design with a plastic wrist strap that Samsung calls Elastomer as well as a flat bezel. The Gear S2 comes in only two colors: Silver and Dark Gray, as you can see here.

The Silver Gear S2 on the left and the Dark Gray Gear S2 on the right.

If you already purchased your Gear S2 at your favorite data carrier, such as Verizon or Sprint, you already know the kicker: You can purchase a 3G or 4G version of the Gear S2 so that you can make voice calls, text, send email, and receive notifications through your phone without a smartphone nearby.

As a result, the Gear S2 is a little heavier than its Classic counterpart because it contains a speaker, an electronic SIM card, and a 300mAh battery — 50mAh more than the Gear S2 Classic.

Fancying the Gear S2 Classic

The Gear S2 Classic is so named because the design of the watch evokes a more classic watch look. For example, the bezel has little serrated “teeth,” which you also find on many standard watches. The Gear S2 Classic rounds out the classic look by sporting a leather wrist strap.

The Gear S2 Classic comes in three colors: black, platinum, and 18-karat rose gold. In addition to the slick black look, you can also purchase a black 3G version so that you can communicate with the Internet using your carrier’s data network. (Sorry, there is no 4G version as of this writing.)

The platinum and rose-gold Gear S2 models, shown in Figure 1-2 along with the black model, come in Bluetooth only and will set you back another $100. The rose-gold model has an added benefit: You can impress others by telling them that the 18-karat rose gold gets its color through a combination of three metals: 75 percent gold, 21 percent copper, and 4 percent silver.

The black, rose gold, and platinum Gear S2 Classic models.

Like the mystery of where your missing socks went after you put them in the dryer, the Gear S2 Classic doesn’t allow you to connect with the outside digital world through a data carrier’s wireless network. Instead, you have to use the Gear S2 Classic’s Bluetooth connection to connect with your Android smartphone.

You’ll still be able to get notifications of voice calls, text messages, and email messages on your Gear S2 Classic, but you’ll have to pull out your smartphone to take your call or read your messages. This is why the Gear S2 Classic has a 250mAh battery and is a little lighter than its “standard” Gear S2 counterpart.