The Gear S2 Hardware - dummies

By Eric Butow

With the plastic adhesive coverings taken off the Gear S2 watch, hold the smartwatch with the screen toward you. The smartwatch itself is called the case. You know that the watch is right side up when the smaller wrist strap (the one with the buckle) is above the smartwatch case and the larger strap (that’s the strap with the adjustment holes) is below the case.

The following figure shows the black Gear S2 Classic. This model sports the serrated bezel that borders the watch face. (If you have the standard Gear S2, the bezel is smooth.) Confirm that the bezel moves as it should by placing your index finger and thumb on either side of the bezel and then moving the bezel left and right. If the bezel doesn’t move in one or both directions, it’s time to call Samsung.

The bezel appears around the watch face with the smaller strap on top and the larger strap on the bottom.

Now turn the case so that you see the right side of the watch that you see in the next figure. You see two buttons. The button on the top is the Back button: When you press it, you go back to the previous screen.

The bottom button is the one you press to turn the power on as well as to return to the Home screen, which is the screen that shows you the clock with the current time.

The Back button is on the top and the Power/ Home button is on the bottom.

When you turn on the watch, the back of the watch warms up because you own an electronic gadget. The back of the watch contains a pair of sensors that light up on the back of the watch when you have an app that wants to count your heart rate.

For example, if you have the Heart Wave watch face, you can tell this face to take your pulse. As the Gear S2 takes your pulse, the two heart rate sensor lights light up on the back of the watch. The next figure shows you what these two little sensor lights look like since you can’t see the bottom of the watch when it’s on your wrist.

Two sensor lights appear on the back of the watch.

Samsung recommends that you don’t look at the sensor lights because you can hurt your eyes. If you do look at the lights to ensure that they work, look for just a second or two.

The charger is a curious thing: It’s shaped roughly in the form of an L. The horizontal part of the L sits on your desk, and you charge the Gear S2 using the vertical bar. One side of the vertical bar, shown in the following figure, is magnetized so that you can place the bottom of the watch against the bar. When you do, the Gear S2 starts charging.

Here’s a nice family portrait of the charger, cable, and plug.

Your smartphone plug and cable look a lot like the plug and cable you find with your smartphone, as you can see. The connector on one end of the cable is smaller than the connector on the other end. The small connector plugs into the port on the charger. The other connector is a USB connector, which means that if you’re not close to your power plug, you can charge your Gear S2 by plugging the USB connector into another device, such as a laptop’s USB port.

If you plug your Gear S2 into a laptop or desktop computer to charge it, remember that the laptop or computer has to be on for the Gear S2 charger to receive power. Your Gear S2 may also take longer to charge from your computer because the power coming into your computer is powering your computer parts as well as your Gear S2 charger.