Gear Manager App Settings - dummies

By Eric Butow

Before you start working with other features of the Gear Manager app to manage your Gear S2 smartwatch, you should check its settings to make sure that the settings in both Gear Manager and on your Gear S2 are as they should be.

Tap Settings in the Gear Manager menu. It’s the fifth entry in the menu. In the Settings screen that appears, you see the following options.

The first eight Setting options appear in the Settings screen.

Quick Messages

You can select a text message to send to a caller, as well as select from one of the standard messages when you want to reject a caller for some reason, such as you can’t talk because you’re driving (and therefore keeping your eyes on the road as you’re supposed to). If you don’t like any of the preinstalled text messages, you can type separate 160-character messages call-reject messages.

Individual App Settings

You can change individual app settings for four apps that Samsung thinks you’ll use most often: Buddy, Email, Voice Memo, and the Weather app. After you select the app you want to change in the Individual App Settings window, you can change the selected app’s settings in the appropriate settings screen. For example, you can add another email account in the Email app. Here are more examples of what you can change:

  • Buddy: You can add as many as 11 of your contacts so that you can call or send messages to those favorite people with your Gear S2. You can also remove one or more contacts in the list as well as reorder the list so that your most favorite people appear at the top of the list.
  • Email: You can change settings for a desired email account that is stored on your Gear S2 as well as add a new email account to your smartwatch.
  • Voice Memo: If you record a voice memo on your Gear S2, the Voice Memo app transfers the voice memo to your smartphone automatically the next time your Gear S2 and smartphone are connected. You can transfer the voice memo only when you’re charging your Gear S2, or you can turn off the automatic transfer entirely. However, you can transfer voice memos from the Gear S2 to your smartphone manually by tapping Transfer Now in the Voice Memo settings screen.
  • Weather: Add more cities for which you want weather information, and change the temperature measurement unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can also set how often the Weather widget updates the weather condition for your area, from every hour to every 24 hours. You can also have the Gear S2 send or not send your current location to the Weather widget so that you can get weather information for your current area. (The default is to send your current location to the widget.)

Auto Update Downloaded Apps

By default, the Gear S2 downloads apps using Wi-Fi . Tap the Auto Update Downloaded Apps option to display a pop-up menu that shows three options. Via Wi-Fi Only is selected, as indicated by the orange text, but you can also use the carrier network for your Gear S2 (if your smartwatch is so equipped) by tapping Whenever Available. If you don’t want to download apps to your Gear S2, tap Turn Off.

App Update Notifications

By default, your Gear S2 receives notifications about available updates for the apps you’ve downloaded to your smartwatch. If you don’t want to receive these notifications, tap App Update Notifications, and the green slider with the green ON icon turns into a gray slider button and a gray OFF icon.

Double Press Home Key

This option allows you to change the app that opens when you double-press the Home button on your Gear S2. The default app is None. However, you can select from one of the following apps in the list:

  • Last App
  • Recent Apps
  • Alarm
  • Bloomberg
  • Buddy
  • CNN
  • Email
  • ESPN
  • Find My Phone
  • Gallery
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Music Player
  • News Briefing
  • Phone
  • Nike+ Running
  • S Health
  • S Voice
  • Samsung Milk Music
  • Schedule
  • Settings
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Voice Memo
  • Weather
  • World Clock

When you find an app you want, tap it. The Settings screen reappears, and you can see the app name underneath the Double Press Home Key entry in the list.

Gear Connection

Tap Gear Connection to open the Gear Connection screen. Within this screen, you can turn off the connection between the Gear S2 and your smartphone so that they can go their separate ways. (Did that make the Journey song pop in your head?) In the options list, you can turn off two options that are turned on by default:

  • Remote connection: When this option is turned on, you can use your Samsung account on your smartphone to connect to your Gear S2 remotely using Wi-Fi. If you turn this option off, you can’t use the Notifications, Email, Messages, Find My Gear, or Find My Phone apps until your Gear S2 is connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth.
  • Sync Wi-Fi profiles: By default, your Gear S2 automatically connects to Wi-Fi networks saved on your phone. You can turn this option off by tapping Sync Wi-Fi Profiles in the list.

Return to the Settings screen by tapping the Back icon at the left side of the orange menu bar that appears at the top of the list.

Send SOS Messages

If you have a real emergency and need help, you may not be able to get to your smartphone, but having your watch on your wrist could make it possible to contact others. You can set up your Gear S2 to send an emergency message to as many as four people when you press the Home key quickly three times. That emergency message includes a note that says you’re in an emergency situation and provides your current location. You can also attach a five-second audio recording when you send an emergency message.

There are several catches, of course:

  • You have to accept Samsung’s terms and conditions, one of which is that your emergency message may not get through for some reason, such as there being no network connection.
  • You can’t edit or even view the text message the Gear S2 sends to your contact(s).
  • Your Gear S2 needs to be connected to your smartphone to send SOS messages.

After you activate SOS messages, you can return the Settings screen by tapping the Back icon at the left side of the orange menu bar that appears at the top of the screen.

Back Up and Restore

You can back up settings data to your smartphone by tapping Back Up and Restore and then, in the screen that appears, tapping Back Up Data. If you’ve endured a freak mishap and have to reset your Gear S2, you can restore your backed-up settings by opening the Back Up and Restore screen in the Gear Manager app and then tapping Restore Data.

Return to the Settings screen (tap the Back icon), swipe up on the screen, and view the last two Settings options, which fall under the System section, as shown.

The About Gear and App Version setting options appear in the System section.

About Gear

Tap About Gear in the list to get interesting information and change a couple of important settings:

  • Save Battery Power: Learn how to save battery power on your Gear S2 such as by decreasing the screen brightness. You can also use power saving features on your Gear S2.
  • Update Gear Software: Check for updates to the smartwatch’s Tizen operating system.
  • Gear Storage: Find out how much storage is available on your Gear S2 and what apps are taking up your existing storage space.
  • Legal Information: Read breathtaking legal information including the open source license, Samsung legalese, and the privacy notice for S Voice and voice-related functions.
  • Unknown Sources: If you want to download and install Gear S2 apps from websites other than Samsung, tap Unknown Sources.
  • Device Name: View the current device name in case someone (such as Samsung technical support) needs it.

You can return to the Settings screen by tapping the Back icon at the left side of the orange menu bar.

App Version

View the current version of the Gear S2 as well as the Gear Plug-in, which is the key component needed for Gear Manager to run. Go back to the Settings screen by tapping the Back icon in the orange menu bar.

Return to the main screen by (yes, again) tapping the Back icon at the left side of the orange menu bar. Now you’re back in the main Gear S2 screen.