The Galaxy S7's Calendar Settings - dummies

The Galaxy S7’s Calendar Settings

By Bill Hughes

In addition to the default display option, you can set other personal preferences for the calendar on your Samsung Galaxy S7. To get to the settings for the calendar, tap the More link on the daily, weekly, or monthly calendars and tap Settings. Doing so brings up the screen shown.

The Settings options for the calendar application.

You have the following options:

  • First day of week: The standard in the United States is that a week is displayed from Sunday to Saturday. If you prefer the week to start on Saturday or Monday, you can change it here.
  • Show week numbers: Some people prefer to see the week number on the weekly calendar. If you count yourself among those, check this option.
  • Hide declined events: When some of us decline an event, we don’t care to hear about it again. Others may want to keep a reminder of the declined event in case the situation changes (or in case nothing better comes along). The default setting is to hide declined events; if you want to see them, deselect this box.
  • 7-day weather forecast: If you look at the monthly calendar, you can see an image on some of the days representing the weather forecast. If you like seeing this, you can keep this information. If you feel it takes too much real estate on your screen, you can delete it.
  • Notification: When an event is approaching, you can have the phone alert you with a pop-up, signal a notification on the status line, or do nothing. The default is to give you a notification, but you can change that option here.
  • Set default reminders: It helps some of us to be reminded about an appointment a few minutes before we are to be somewhere. Others of us find this annoying. This setting lets you choose whether you get a reminder or not and how far in advance you will be reminded.
  • Lock time zone: When you travel to a new time zone, your phone will take on the new time zone. Under most circumstances, this is a nice convenience. However, it may be confusing to some. If you prefer that the calendar remain in your home time zone, check this option.