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Your Galaxy S7 Phone’s Play Store App

By Bill Hughes

You can access the Play Store through your Galaxy S7 phone’s Play Store app or through the Internet. The easiest way to access the Play Store is through the Play Store app on your Galaxy S7 phone. The icon is shown here.

The Play Store icon.

If the Play Store app isn’t already on your Home screen, you can find it in your Apps list. To open it, simply tap the icon.

When you tap the Play Store icon, you’re greeted by the screen looking something like what is shown here.

The Play Store home page.

As new apps become available, the highlighted apps will change, and the Home page will change from one day to the next.

In addition, the good folks at Google spend a lot of time thinking about what is the best way to help the hundreds of millions of Android users find the best application from the selection of 1.8 million apps.

This is no small task. Some of those users are very experienced and know just what they want. Others are walking in the door for the first time while still others are just coming to browse and see whether anything strikes their fancy.

The goal for Google is to make every user who comes in find what they want. The goal in this book is to give you enough information so that you can be comfortable downloading your first app and then comfortable finding other interesting apps as you become more familiar with the layout.