Galaxy S 4: Prepare for Screen Lock - dummies

Galaxy S 4: Prepare for Screen Lock

By Bill Hughes

Regardless of what screen lock you choose for your Galaxy S 4 (you have seven different screen lock options, as well as the more involved process of encrypting your device), it’s recommend that you have ready the following choices at hand:

  • A PIN

  • A password

  • An unlock pattern

  • A preference on whether you would like to use a PIN or a password

To clarify definitions, a PIN is a series of numbers. In this case, the PIN is four digits. A password is a series of numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, and sometimes special characters, and is typically longer than four characters. A PIN is pretty secure, but a password is usually more secure. Have them both ready, but decide which one you would prefer to use.

The unlock pattern is a design that you draw with your finger on a nine-dot screen as shown in this figure.

Screenshots of the process you have to follow to set up an unlock pattern on a Galaxy S 4.

The image on the right shows a sample of a pattern. It happens to include all nine dots. You do not need to use all the dots. The minimum number of dots you must touch is four. The upper limit is nine because you can only touch each dot once. As long as you can remember your pattern, feel free to be creative.