How to Find a New Face for Your Gear S2 - dummies

How to Find a New Face for Your Gear S2

By Eric Butow

If you get bored with your current watch face and the other preinstalled faces don’t excite you, no worries: You can use the Gear S2 to find a new face in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store. However, the Galaxy Apps store is available only on your Android smartphone, so you need to have your smartphone at the ready before you shop for a new face.

You can add a face straight from your Gear S2 by following these handy-dandy instructions:

  1. Press the Home button.
    The Apps screen appears.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the Apps screen that appears.
  3. Tap Display in the Settings screen that appears.
  4. Tap Watch Faces in the Display screen that appears.

Now you can swipe from right to left on the Watch Faces screen or rotate the bezel to the right until you see the plus icon on the screen. Now tap the plus icon.

In Watch Faces, rotate the bezel until the plus icon appears in the center in the screen.

You can view all the additional watch faces in the Face Templates screen by swiping right to left on the screen or by rotating the bezel to the right. Though all the faces are available for you to select in the Watch Faces screen, you can also select the watch face you want in the Face Templates screen by tapping the face on the screen.

If you don’t like any of the faces, swipe from right to left or rotate the bezel to the right until you see the Get More Watch Faces screen, shown here. Now tap the screen.

The screen invites you to tap it so that you can shop for more watch faces.

The Gear S2 tells you to get watch faces on your smartphone and sends a message to your smartphone to open the Watch Faces page within the Samsung Galaxy Apps app. The Watch Faces page, shown here, displays a list of all the watch faces you can download.

Swipe the smartphone screen up and down to view the list of all watch faces from which to choose.

Each entry in the list shown includes the name of the watch face, an image of the watch face, the name of the developer, the cost of the face (if any), and reviews from other Galaxy Apps users. The reviews are rated with gold stars ranging from 1 star (you may want to look elsewhere) to 5 (run, don’t walk, to get this face). If the watch face is already installed on your Gear S2, you see the word Installed instead of the price.

Tap an entry in the list to view more information about the face, including developer information, related apps or faces from the developer, and individual user reviews.

If you decide you don’t want a watch face, tap the Back icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. You return to the Watch Faces screen within the Gear Manager app.