The FidMe App on Your Gear S2 - dummies

The FidMe App on Your Gear S2

By Eric Butow

If you’re at a store and you want to use a coupon for something you want to buy without having to carry a paper coupon in your hand, you can use the FidMe app on your Gear S2.

FidMe uses both an app on your Gear S2 and an app on your smartphone to gather all your loyalty card, coupon, and deal information so that you can quickly check them with just a press and a few taps on your Gear S2. Unlike the eBay app, which is available only for Android, the FidMe app runs on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

This example shows you how to install FidMe with an Android smartphone. So here’s how to install FidMe:

  1. In the watch screen on the Gear S2, press the Home button.
    The Apps screen opens.
  2. Swipe from right to left on the screen until you see the third page in the Apps screen.
    The Music Player app icon is selected on the screen by default.
  3. Tap the Get More Apps icon.
    The icon appears at the 11 o’clock position on the screen.
  4. In the Galaxy Apps screen on your smartphone, tap Top Free.
    The Top Free link appears in the dark-gray section bar above the list of featured Gear apps.
  5. Swipe upward in the screen until you see FidMe and then tap FidMe in the list.
    The Details screen opens and shows information about the FidMe app.
  6. Tap the blue Install icon on the screen.
    After the Galaxy Apps app installs the FidMe app on your Gear S2, the FidMe window appears on the smartphone screen.
  7. Tap OK.
    The Google Play Store window open and displays the FidMe Loyalty Cards & Coupons app details page.
  8. Tap Install.
    The FidMe Loyalty Cards & Coupons permissions window appears.
  9. Tap Accept.
    After the Google Play Store app installs the eBay for Gear Companion app, the eBay for Gear Companion app details screen appears again.
  10. Tap Open.
    The FidMe app screen appears on your smartphone, and you can swipe back and forth to view basic information about FidMe in the introduction window.
  11. Tap the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the introduction window.
    The Welcome to FidMe screen appears so that you can sign into your FidMe account or create a new account by tapping the Account Sign Up icon.

After you log in, you can add one or more reward cards on the FidMe smartphone app. Once you’ve entered a card, you may want to wait a few minutes for the FidMe smartphone app to sync with the FidMe Gear S2 app. Next, press the Home button on the Gear S2, navigate to the page in the Apps screen that contains the FidMe icon, and then tap the FidMe icon. You see your newly added card name on the screen.


Now tap the card name to show the barcode of your card on the screen. If the cashier or server has a barcode reader, all you have to do is have the cashier scan the barcode on your Gear S2 screen so you can get the reward you deserve.