Controlling Your Gear S2 through Gear Manager - dummies

Controlling Your Gear S2 through Gear Manager

By Eric Butow

Your Gear S2 can’t sprout legs and walk away, but it can be misplaced. Before you start searching under couch cushions and in drawers, find your charger to see whether the Gear S2 is docked and thus hiding in plain sight.

If you confirm that the Gear S2 is not with its charger, or you don’t have your charger with you, it’s time for you to pull out your smartphone and find your wayward smartwatch with the Gear Manager app.

Start by tapping Find My Gear in the Gear Manager screen on your smartphone, shown here.

The Find My Gear option is the only one that has a green icon.

Within the Find My Gear screen, start the search for your gear by tapping the Start icon. Under the Start icon, you see the current status of your Gear S2 battery, its connection status, and an icon that indicates whether the Gear S2 screen is locked or unlocked.

After you tap the Start button, which is the green circle with a white magnifying glass inside it, the Gear S2 vibrates and the screen is turned on so that you can both hear and look for your smartwatch.

The Start button appears in the center of the screen.