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How to Control Your Gear S2 Remotely

By Eric Butow

If your smartphone and Gear S2 are both connected to a Wi-Fi or data carrier network (that is, not connected to each other with Bluetooth), you can control the Gear S2 remotely to lock the smartwatch. What’s more, you can reset your Gear S2 from the Gear Manager app.

In the Find My Gear screen, tap Control Remotely in the list. Within the Control Remotely screen shown, you can lock your Gear S2 by tapping Lock Gear or reset the Gear S2 by tapping Reset Gear.

Use this screen to lock or reset your Gear S2.

Locking and unlocking your Gear S2

If you’re not sure whether your Gear S2 and smartwatch are connected via Bluetooth, tap Lock Gear. If your phone and watch are connected, a pop-up message appears on your smartphone screen that says you can’t lock the Gear S2 while your smartphone and smartwatch are connected with Bluetooth.

After you turn off Bluetooth on the Gear S2, the Find My Gear option in the Gear Manager app is disabled for a few seconds as the app determines whether your Gear S2 is connected to a Wi-Fi or data carrier network. After the app is satisfied that the Gear S2 is connected to such a network, the Find My Gear option is active, which means that you can open the Control Remotely screen and then tap Lock Gear.

The Lock Gear screen appears, tell you about what Lock Gear does and warning that the Lock Gear feature may take some time to function or may not work, depending on the state of your Gear S2, your smartphone, or your mobile environment.

Tap OK at the bottom right of the screen to lock your Gear S2. After a second or two, a pop-up menu appears at the bottom of the screen informing you that the Gear is locked. It’s that easy. A few seconds after that, you return to the Gear Manager home screen.

Unlocking your Gear S2 is even easier. When you pick up the smartwatch, you see the Gear Locked icon for a couple of seconds. Then you see the watch face showing the time again. Your Gear S2 is unlocked and its Bluetooth connection with your smartphone is restored.

Resetting your Gear S2

If your Gear S2 is in the clutches of villains and the Scooby gang isn’t available, you can use your smartphone to reset your Gear S2 and keep others from accessing your data. You can perform this reset from your smartphone only if both your smartwatch and smartphone are connected through a Wi-Fi network and the Gear Manager app can find your phone. You can also use the Gear Manager app to reset your Gear S2 using a Bluetooth connection if resetting on your smartphone is your thing.

After you tap Reset Gear in the Control Remotely options list, you see a warning screen that tells you that all data on the Gear S2 will be deleted. What’s more, you see the same warning as you find on the Lock Gear feature, saying that the reset process may take time or even fail to function.

If you want to continue with the reset, tap OK. The Samsung Account window opens, and you need to type your Samsung account password and then tap Confirm. The Gear Manager app disconnects from your Gear S2 and closes, and the Gear S2 screen states that a factory reset is in progress.

When the reset is complete, you see a Bluetooth pairing request from the Gear S2 on your smartphone. After you tap OK to accept the request, look at your Gear S2 screen and tap the Confirm button on the right side of the Confirm Passkey screen. The Gear Manager app starts again and asks you to connect to your Gear S2. Connect Gear Manager to your Gear S2 by tapping OK in the Warning pop-up window.

After your Gear S2 is back on your wrist safe and sound, you can try to restore any backed-up data to your smartwatch. If there is any data to restore to your Gear S2, you see the Restore screen on your smartphone that tells you what you can restore, such as settings. You can skip restoration by tapping the Restore check box; the check box changes from a green background with a white check mark to just a plain white background.

The Restore check box appears in the lower-left corner of the screen.

It takes a little while for your smartphone to restore your data, but when it’s done, the Terms and Conditions screen appears, which is the first step in setting up your Gear S2. Accepting terms and conditions is a quick, three-step process:

  1. Tap the Agree to Terms of the End User License Agreement check box.
  2. Tap the Agree to All check box.
  3. Tap Done.

Now you see the Sign In to Samsung Account screen, which shows that the reactivation lock is on for your Gear S2. This means that you need to sign in to your Samsung account to confirm that the Gear S2 is actually yours. By default, the Keep Reactivation Lock On After Setup check box is selected, and you can leave that as is and tap Sign In.

The Samsung Account window appears on the screen so that you can enter your password. (If you don’t have a Samsung account, you see a screen that starts you on the path to creating one.) After you type your password, tap Confirm in the window. After a second or two, the Gear Manager app home screen appears, your Gear S2 data is restored, and all is right with the world again.