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Choose Between Mobile Browsing and Mobile Apps on Your Galaxy S6

By Bill Hughes

When you open the browser on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can use any search engine you want (for example, Bing or Yahoo!). This is a very familiar approach from your experience with PCs. However, you may get very tired of all the pinching and stretching of the screen.

Many companies are aware of this. What they have done is to develop a mobile app that provides you the same information as is available on their website that is formatted for a smartphone screen. Companies in particular will put the information from their website in a mobile app and then add some important mobile features.

For example, it is very convenient to order a custom-made pizza from the website of a national pizza chain. You can order your desired variety of crusts and toppings. The website version also offers directions to the nearest store. The mobile app can take this one step further and give you turn by turn directions as you drive to pick up your pizza.

This capability of providing turn by turn directions makes no sense for a desktop PC. This capability could make sense for a laptop, but few laptops have GPS receivers built-in. It is also too cumbersome and probably unsafe to rely on turn by turn directions from a laptop. It is much easier to get turn by turn directions over a smartphone.

This is just one example where downloading a mobile app offers a superior experience. The best part is, you get to choose what works for you on your Galaxy S6.