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Choose a New Game for Your Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

Games are the most popular kind of download for the Samsung Galaxy and smartphones of all kinds. In spite of the focus on business productivity, socializing, and making your life simpler, games outpace all other application downloads. The electronic gaming industry has larger revenues than the movie industry — and has for several years!

The fact of the matter is that your Samsung Galaxy S 4, with its large Super AMOLED screen, makes Android-based games more fun. The Games category of Play Store (shown here) is where you will find your new games.


Each game also has a Description page. It is similar to the Description page for apps, but it emphasizes different attributes:


When you’re in a category that looks promising, look for these roadsigns to help you check out and narrow your choices among similar titles:

  • Ratings/comments: Gamers love to exalt good games and bash bad ones. The comments here are complimentary, and the overall ranking next to the game name at the top suggests that many others are favorable.

  • Description: This tells you the basic idea behind the game.

  • What’s New: This section tells what capabilities have been added since the previous release. This is relevant if you have an earlier version of this game.

  • Reviews: Here is where existing users get to vent their spleen if they do not like the game, or brag about how smart they are for buying it ahead of you. The comments are anonymous, include the date the comment was left, and tell you the kind of device the commenter used.

    There can be applications that lag on some older devices. However, you have the Galaxy S 4, which has the best of everything (for now).

  • More Games by Developer: If you have a positive experience with a given game, you may want to check that developer’s other games. The More Games by section makes it easier for you to find these other titles.

  • Users Also Viewed/Users Also Installed: This shows you the other apps that other people who downloaded this app have viewed or downloaded. These are some apps that you may want to check out.

  • Price: As a tie breaker among similar titles, a slightly higher price is a final indication of a superior game. And because you’re only talking a few pennies, price isn’t usually a big deal.