How to Charge Your Gear S2 Smartwatch - dummies

How to Charge Your Gear S2 Smartwatch

By Eric Butow

The good people at Samsung test your battery along with the rest of the Gear S2 before they send it off so that some lucky person like you can buy it, which means that the battery is drained.

Now breathe in and out a couple of times, because you have to perform one final test: Make sure that the Gear S2 can charge fully and hold a full charge. This will take a few minutes, so get some other work done . . . or even relax. (Do people actually do that anymore?)

Start by plugging the cable to the charger and to your plug. Then insert the plug into your wall outlet or, even better, a surge protector. (Insert your favorite trite safety slogan here.) Now, place the back of the watch against the vertical bar on the charger with the left side of the watch case (the one without buttons) resting on the bottom of the charger.

The vertical bar has two sides, and only one side is magnetized. So which side do you use? Samsung made it easy by putting its logo on the side of the bar that is not the side you use. You guessed right: The glass on the front of the case isn’t magnetized, so you have to place the back of the case on the proper side of the vertical bar.

The back of the Gear S2 connects to the magnetized side of the vertical bar.

When you place the back of the Gear S2 on the correct side, notice the magnet on the back of the case pulling it to the vertical bar on the charger. When the case and the vertical bar make contact, move the charger around so that you can see the Gear S2 screen. You can see the battery strength percentage on the watch screen, which registers a range from 0 percent (empty) to 100 percent (full).

The screen automatically rotates on the charger so that you can see the percentage properly without having to remove the watch from the charger.

The Gear S2 screen turns off about 15 seconds after you connect it to the charger, but you don’t need to turn the screen back on. Instead, look at the bottom of the charger below the front of the Gear S2 screen.

At the bottom of the charger, you see a light when your watch is charging. If the light is red, that means your battery isn’t full and you should keep the Gear S2 connected to the charger. When the light is green, the battery is full and you can remove it from the charger.

The light on the charger tells you whether you need to wait to fully charge your Gear S2.

After you release the Gear S2 from the charger, if you’re viewing the smartwatch screen you see the battery strength percentage amount on the screen for a second or two. If the charger light is green, the percentage on the screen should be 100.

The battery will last for about two to three days before you have to recharge your Gear S2. Just as with your smartphone, if you use one or more apps on your Gear S2 that require a lot of battery juice, your battery won’t last as long. When your Gear S2 runs (or nearly runs) out of power, plan on doing something else with your time for about two hours as your smartwatch charges back up to 100 percent.

You can charge your Gear S2 while the smartwatch is on. However, charging may take longer because the battery is already using its power to keep the Gear S2 running. So if you don’t expect to use your Gear S2 soon after you place the smartwatch on the charger, you charge it faster by turning off the Gear S2 and letting the battery focus on charging alone.