Car Docking Stations for Galaxy S 4 - dummies

Car Docking Stations for Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

Your Galaxy S 4 smart phone has all those great navigation tools. You can use them in your car by putting your phone on the seat next to you, but that’s for amateurs.

Offer your phone a place of honor with a car docking station. It makes it safer to access and easier to use.

The figure shows the Samsung Vehicle Navigation Mount. This puts your phone where you can see it and what is going on around you. It costs about $35, and you can get it at your carrier’s store, RadioShack, Best Buy, or online at

A Samsung Vehicle Navigation Mount.
A Samsung Vehicle Navigation Mount.

Other brands of vehicle mounts are out there too. Some are made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Others are made to fit multiple devices. You may want to get a generic mount if multiple people (with various types of phones) use your car.

Getting a car mount is seen by some as a luxury. Setting your phone on the passenger car seat isn’t the worst thing in the world. This may be true if you are a poor college student. My view is that if you have enough of a need to upgrade your navigation software, you have a need for a vehicle mount.