Buddy Photo-Sharing on the Galaxy S 4 - dummies

Buddy Photo-Sharing on the Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

Your Galaxy S 4 phone is so smart, it learns what you look like. In order to share photos with your friends, it does not stop there. It can learn what all your friends look like, too.

That wonder of technology you are holding in your hand can identify for you the names of the people in your photo Gallery. It will use images you have used in your Contacts to identify the faces of your friends.

When you take an image if your friend, your phone has the ability to identify, with pretty good accuracy, the name of that friend. It then makes it easy for you to send them a copy of that image. Here is how it goes:

  1. From the Gallery, open the picture.

  2. Tap the Menu button.

    The Menu pop-up appears, as shown.


  3. Tap the Face Tag option button.

  4. Tap the Buddy Share option button.

    The pop-up appears, as shown.

    At first, Buddy Share may need some help. If so, tap on the balloon. This brings up your contacts so you select the correct contact manually.


  5. To send this image, tap the E-mail button.

    It says E-mail, but you can send the message via text too.

    As shown in this figure, you get a pop-up to send it to your buddy’s e-mail address or text address (that is, their mobile number).


  6. Tap the Send button, and off it goes!