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Basics of the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s S-Health App

By Bill Hughes

The S-Health app that comes with your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone allows you to track your health and fitness through either your phone’s sensors or Samsung’s wearable sensors called Gear.

Either option is beneficial for helping you start to be healthier. The S-Health app includes a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. When you enable this application, it will track your mileage and heart rate. Additional apps you can download will let you track your physical activity or monitor your sleep.

The three Samsung Gear models step things up a notch. (People are supposed to call them “wearable technology,” but it is really a watch connected via Bluetooth to your phone). The models look something like standard wristwatches. They can tell you the time, but they can also give you health notifications. The current Gear lineup is as follows:

  • Gear Fit: This model allows you to track your heart rate without needing to place a finger in a particular part of the phone. It also makes for a more accurate pedometer.

  • Gear 2 Neo: The Neo can play music from your phone, which is useful when you work out. The screen also lets you move some your phone’s screen capabilities to your watch. You can ask it questions like S-Voice and respond to texts, make calls, and shut off alarms. It can even act as a remote control for your TV!

  • Gear 2: This model does everything the Gear 2 Neo can do, plus it can take photos!