Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Voicemail - dummies

Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Voicemail

By Dan Gookin

If you haven’t yet done it, set up voice mail on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. You should probably do this even if you plan to use another voice mail service, such as Google Voice. That’s because carrier voice mail remains a valid and worthy fallback for when those other services don’t work.

Your Galaxy Note comes preconfigured to use the my Carrier voice mail service, which is tied into your cellular provider. The cellular provider’s voice mail number has also been preconfigured for you. You can check these items by opening the Settings app. Obey:

  1. Start the Settings app.

    It’s found on the Applications screen.

  2. Choose Call from the Device tab.

  3. Choose Voicemail Service.

    It should list my Carrier as the only option, unless you’ve configured another service, such as Google Voice.

To complete the carrier voice mail setup, you call into the service and set up your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app, found on the Home screen.

  2. Ensure that the Keypad tab is selected.

  3. Long-press the 1 button.

    The 1 button is the speed dial shortcut to enter the carrier’s voice mail system. If this is the first time you’ve called, you have to work through some initial setup.

  4. Work through the directions.

    You need to use the onscreen keypad to respond to the cellular provider’s vocal prompts. Touch the Speaker button to hear the cheerful robot, and respond by using the keypad.

  5. Set your name, a voice mail password, a greeting, and various other options as guided by your cellular provider’s cheerful robot.

    Just so that you remember the personal identification number (PIN) for your voice mail account, write it down on the following line:

    Your voice mail account PIN: ____________________

  6. Touch the End Call button when you tire of listening to the cheerful robot.

It is highly recommended that you choose a customized greeting for your voice mailbox. Callers who don’t hear your voice sometimes don’t leave messages, because they mistakenly believe that they’ve dialed the wrong number.

When you have voice mail pending, the New Voicemail notification icon appears on the status bar. You can either pull down this notification to connect to the voice mail service or dial into the voice mail service by long-pressing the 1 key on the Phone app’s keypad.


After the voice mail service answers, you’re asked to type your voice mail password. Type your password.

In case you need to remember the prompts, you can write them down here:

Press _____ to listen to the first message.

Press _____ to delete the message.

Press _____ to skip a message.

Press _____ to hear the menu options.

Press _____ to hang up.

The commands differ from carrier to carrier. On AT&T, for example, the * key is the Cancel key, and 7 is the Delete key.

If you don’t delete a message, it stays in your voice mail inbox. You’re prompted to delete the message the next time you dial into carrier voice mail.