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Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Ringtones

By Dan Gookin

A ringtone is the sound your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes when you have an incoming call. You may already know that. What you may not know is that you’re not stuck with the preconfigured ringtone. You can even change the ringtone for individual contacts.

How to choose your Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s ringtone

To select a new ringtone for your phone, or to simply confirm which ringtone you’re using already, follow these steps:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu button.

  2. Choose Settings.

    The Settings app appears.

  3. Choose the Device tab, and then choose Sound.

  4. Choose Ringtones.

    When a ringtone app is installed, you may see a menu that asks you which source to use for the phone’s ringtone. Choose Media Storage.

  5. Choose a ringtone from the list that’s displayed.

    Scroll the list. Tap a ringtone to hear a preview. Choose Silent when you don’t want the phone to have a ringtone.

  6. Touch OK to accept the new ringtone, or touch Cancel to keep the phone’s ringtone as is.

    • You can also set the ringtone that’s used for notifications: In Step 4 in the preceding list, choose Default Notification Sound rather than Ringtones.

    • Text messaging ringtones are set from within the Messaging app.

    • The Zedge app has oodles of free ringtones available for preview and download, all shared by Android users around the world.

How to set a contact’s ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Ringtones can be assigned by contact so that when your annoying friend Larry calls, you can have your phone yelp like a whiny puppy. Here’s how to set a ringtone for a contact:

  1. Choose the Contacts app from the Applications screen.

    Touch the Apps icon on the Home screen to see the Applications screen.

  2. From the list, choose the contact to which you want to assign a ringtone.

  3. Choose the Ringtone item.

    The current ringtone is shown below the Ringtone heading. The word Default appears when a custom ringtone hasn’t been chosen.

    If prompted, choose the Media Storage item to use the Android operating system for ringtone selection. If you have a ringtone app installed, you can choose it instead.

  4. Choose a ringtone from the list.

Whenever the contact calls, the phone uses the ringtone you’ve specified.

To remove a specific ringtone for a contact, repeat the steps in this part but choose Default Ringtone in Step 4. This choice sets the contact’s ringtone to be the same as the phone’s ringtone.

How to create your own ringtones on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Your ringtone selection on the Galaxy Note isn’t limited to the paltry choices offered on the Ringtones list. That’s because you find, near the bottom of the list, the Add button. Use that button to bring in your own sounds to the phone’s ringtone repertoire.

To begin your ringtone adventure, first collect or create a suitable tune. It can be any audio file on the phone: one you create by using a special app, a file transferred from another device, or a chunk of audio downloaded from the Internet.

After the audio file is on your phone, follow Steps 1 through 4 from “How to choose your Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s ringtone.” Then continue with these directions:

  1. Touch the Add button at the bottom of the Ringtones list.

  2. If prompted, choose the Sound Picker app.

    You can also choose a file management or cloud storage app, such as Dropbox. If so, you use that app to browse for an audio file to use as a ringtone.

  3. Pluck a new ringtone from the Sound Picker app.

    The app presents sounds by category. Browse your phone’s music by choosing the Songs, Albums, or Artists categories. Choose the Folders category to peruse your Galaxy Note’s storage system to look for audio files.

  4. Touch an item to preview the ringtone.

  5. Touch the Done button to set the ringtone.

    Or you can touch the Back button to select another audio snippet.

The music or audio you choose becomes the phone’s ringtone. Or if you followed these steps for setting a contact’s ringtone, the new sound is applied to only that contact.