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Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Onscreen Keyboard

By Dan Gookin

Whenever text input is required, your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 displays the onscreen keyboard. Don’t let it freak you out! It is something you can get used to easily.

The onscreen keyboard appears on the bottom part of the touchscreen. The keyboard shows up anytime your phone demands text as input, such as when you type an e-mail, write something pithy on the web, or compose a drunken, midnight Facebook status update.

Here is an illustration of the standard Galaxy Note onscreen keyboard, also known as the Samsung keyboard. The onscreen keyboard you see on your phone may look subtly different because certain keys change their function depending on what you’re typing.


The onscreen keyboard is shown in Alphabetic mode. You see keys from A through Z in lowercase. You also see the Shift key for producing capital letters, and the Delete key, which works to backspace and erase.

The Enter key changes its look depending on what you’re typing. Five variations are shown. Here’s what each one does:

  • Enter/Return: Just like the Enter or Return key on a computer keyboard, this key ends a paragraph of text. It’s used mostly when filling in long stretches of text, when multiline input is needed, or when you’re well-versed in English and can comprehend the concept of a paragraph.

  • Go: This action key directs an app to proceed with a search, accept input, or perform another action.

  • Search: You see the Search key appear whenever you’re searching for something. Touching the key starts the search.

  • Next: This key appears whenever you’re typing information into multiple fields. Touching this key switches focus to the next field, such as from the Username field to the Password field.

  • Done: This key appears whenever you’ve finished typing text in the final field of a screen that has several fields. Sometimes it dismisses the onscreen keyboard, sometimes not.

    The large key at the bottom center of the onscreen keyboard is the Space key. The keys to the left and right may change, depending on the context of what you’re typing. For example, a www or .com key may appear, in order to assist in typing a web page address or e-mail address. Other keys may change as well, although the basic alphabetic keys remain the same.

    To display the onscreen keyboard, touch any text field or spot on the screen where typing is permitted.

    To dismiss the onscreen keyboard, touch the Back button.


    The keyboard reorients itself when you rotate the phone. The onscreen keyboard’s horizontal orientation is wide, so you might find it easier to use