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Basics of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Airplane Mode

By Dan Gookin

The rules about flying on an airplane with a cell phone, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, are changing. Whereas it was once outright forbidden to even look at a cell phone while the plane was aloft, governments around the world have left it up to the airline to determine in-flight usage.

Generally speaking, follow the flight crew’s direction when it comes to using your Galaxy Note whilst in the air. They’ll let you know when and how you can use the phone — specifically, whether it needs to be turned off for takeoff and landing and, once in the air, whether you can use it to make phone calls or enable any wireless features, such as Wi-Fi and GPS.

Traditionally, cell phones are placed into what’s commonly called Airplane mode during a flight. In this mode, it’s okay to use the phone and access many of its features, except for cellular network access. So you can listen to music, play games, or use the in-flight Wi-Fi if your bankroll can afford it.

The most convenient way to place the Galaxy Note in Airplane mode is to obey these quick steps, which don’t even require that you unlock the phone:

  1. Press and hold the phone’s Power/Lock button.

    The Device Options menu appears.

  2. Choose Airplane Mode.

  3. Touch the OK button to confirm.

The most inconvenient way to put the phone into Airplane mode is to use the Settings app. Follow these steps: On the Connection tab, touch the square by Airplane Mode to set the green check mark. Touch the OK button to confirm — and Airplane mode is active.

When the phone is in Airplane mode, a special icon appears in the status area. You might also see the text No Service appear on the phone’s lock screen.


To exit Airplane mode, repeat the steps in this section: Choose Airplane Mode from the Device Options menu, or remove the green check mark by the Airplane Mode item in the Settings app.

  • The Airplane mode Quick Action button can also be used to take the phone into or out of Airplane mode.

  • Bluetooth networking is disabled in Airplane mode.

  • You can compose e-mail while the phone is in Airplane mode. No messages are sent until you disable Airplane mode and connect again with a data network. Unless:

  • Many airlines feature onboard wireless networking. You can turn on wireless networking for your Android phone and use a wireless network in the air: Simply activate the Wi-Fi feature, after placing the phone in Airplane mode — well, after the flight attendant tells you that it’s okay to do so.