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Basics of Samsung Galaxy S 5’s Near Field Communication

By Bill Hughes

Say you have an image on your Samsung Galaxy S 5 that you would like to share with your buddy. You have a range of options available to help you share this image. Some of the options are standard, like emailing or texting the image, one option is slightly more advanced: beaming the image with near field communications (NFC).

Here are all four of the options available to you to share the image from your phone:

  • You can e-mail the image.

  • You can send an MMS text message with the image attached.

  • You can set up a Bluetooth connection with your buddy, and that person can download the image.

  • Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy phones offer one more choice: You can share information by using NFC.

To use NFC, you simply place the backs of the phones next to each other, and they set up a connection — provided both phones have turned on this capability. Here’s how to turn it on to let you share the content you wanted with your friend:

  1. From Settings, tap More Networks.

  2. Tap on NFC.

    This option is near the bottom of the screen.


  3. Toggle the NFC switch to green.

    This option is near the top of the screen.

  4. Turn on the S Beam option.

    If it’s not already on, toggle the switch to the On position.

    After both phones have tuned S Beam on, tap the backs of both phones, place the phones back-to-back, and share what you will.