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Basics of Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Video Calls

By Dan Gookin

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers a communications tool called Video Call. It’s a feature that’s interesting and exciting, but one that’s available only to folks who also have a Samsung phone with similar technology.

You can place a Samsung video call in the same way that a traditional phone call is made. The difference is touching the Video Call icon, to place the call. That icon is found in the Phone app on the keypad screen. It’s also found on a contact’s information screen in the Contacts app.


Let’s look at the Video Call screen. When the other party answers, you see both of you on the screen. Use the onscreen controls to adjust the phone’s features.


During the call, use the Mute button to mute the phone’s microphone. You can swipe the images of yourself and the other person to swap their positions.

To end the call, touch the End Call icon.

  • When you place a video call to someone who isn’t using a Samsung phone, the phone claims that the connection failed. Touch the OK button and try phoning the traditional way.

  • This trick works only with Samsung phones — specifically, those that share the same technology as your Galaxy Note.

  • Video calling is available only over the high-speed 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Yes, it consumes hordes of data. The odds of surcharges increase the more you use the Video Call feature and the longer your calls are.

  • Press the Menu button during a call to view various in-call options, such as Speaker Off and Switch to Headset, and some curious options, such as Enable Cartoon View.

  • Call waiting isn’t available for video calls. If someone else calls while you’re in a video call, they’re sent to voice mail.