The Basic Features of Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone - dummies

The Basic Features of Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone

By Bill Hughes

Samsung includes all basic functions on the Galaxy S8 model. All mobile phones on the market today include basic functions, and even some entry-level phones are a little more sophisticated. In addition to making and taking calls and sending and receiving texts, the Galaxy S8 sports the following basic features:

  • 12MP digital camera: This resolution is more than enough for posting good-quality images on the Internet and even having 8 x 10-inch prints made. There is also a front-facing camera with 8MP that is useful for videoconference calls and selfies.
  • Ringtones: You can replace the standard ringtone with custom ringtones that you download to your phone. You also can specify different rings for different numbers.
  • Bluetooth: The Galaxy S8 phone supports stereo and standard Bluetooth devices. (See Chapter 3 for more on Bluetooth.)
  • High-resolution screen: The Galaxy S8 phone offers one of the highest-resolution touchscreens on the market (2,960 x 1,440 pixels).
  • Capacitive touchscreen: The Galaxy S8 phone offers a very slick touchscreen that’s sensitive enough to allow you to interact with the screen accurately, but not so sensitive that it’s hard to manage. In addition, it has an optional setting that steps up the sensitivity for special circumstances, like when you want to use one hand!