How to Answer a Call on Your Gear S2

By Eric Butow

When your Gear S2 smartwatch detects that you’re receiving a phone call, you see a screen with Answer and Reject icons. You can answer a call by swiping the green Answer icon from left to right to answer the call and then talk either on your smartphone or on your Gear S2 if your smartwatch is either a Standard or black Gear S2 Classic model and you bought said model from a phone carrier.

One of the (never-ending list of) cool things about your Gear S2 is that you can also use your voice to tell your smartwatch to answer or reject a call. Within the Call menu, only the Voice Answer option is available to set. When you tap that option, a message appears on the screen that tells you how to answer or reject a call: by saying Answer or Reject, respectively.

The message that tells you how to answer or reject a call using your voice.

If answering or rejecting calls with your voice works for you, tap the check mark icon on the right side of the screen. If not, tap the Cancel icon (it has an X in it) on the left side of the screen.