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About Music on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

By Bill Hughes

Most smartphones have built-in digital music players; your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is no exception. Having a single device that you can use as a phone and as a source of music is quite convenient because then you need only one device rather than two, and you eliminate cords for charging and separate headphones for listening. You can play digital music files and podcasts all day and all night on your phone.

In addition, by virtue of the Super AMOLED screen on your Galaxy S 4 smartphone, your phone makes for an excellent handheld video player. Just listen on the headset and watch on the screen, whether you have a short music video or a full-length movie.

To boot, your Galaxy S 4 phone comes with applications for downloading and listening to music as well as downloading and watching videos. These apps are very straightforward, especially if you’ve ever used a CD or a DVD player. In a sense, they’re even easier than using a VCR — no need to set the clock!

The only possible pitfall for you playing music and videos is that each carrier has its own spin: Some cellular carriers want you to use their music store, and some give you the freedom to enjoy the flexibility that comes with owning an Android-based phone. You can use the basic multimedia tools that come with the phone, or download the myriad of options that you have via the Play Store.

However, other cellular carriers, and Samsung, offer you the Samsung Hub, an all-in-one tool for managing your multimedia options.

Lots and lots of options for entertainment exist out there. The truth is that there isn’t that much difference among them when it comes to playing. The differences lie in price and selection.

Therefore, find the entertainment that you prefer. It’s out there somewhere. A good mainstream option is the Samsung Hub. However, do not worry about loyalty to this service. Find the music you like and subscribe to as many services as it takes to bring you joy.