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7 Things the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Offers That the Galaxy S 4 Does Not

By Bill Hughes

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a great phone, but the Galaxy S 5 is better. Here are seven reasons why. Some of these are critically important. Others are kind of gimmicky, but cool nonetheless.

  • UHD Video recording: If you have the chance to place the screens of the S 4 and the S 5 side-by-side, do it. Even looking at the specifications, it’s not a close comparison. The screen on the S 5 is HD. It’s bright. The pixels are dense. Unless you plan to use your phone only for calls and texts, the screen alone offers a compelling case for selecting the S 5.

  • Raw Processing Power: The specifications show that the S 5 is a processing monster: a 20% increase from the already-impressive S 4. The S 5 graphics processors rival what many gamers have in their desktop PCs.

  • A 16-Megapixel Camera: The S 5 camera offers 16-megapixels versus 13-megapixels on the S 4. What else can I say? More is better.

  • Fingerprint Reader: The S 5 fingerprint reader comes with the S 5. As these things go, it’s pretty convenient and a reliable way to protect your phone.

  • Heartbeat Monitor: There are many ways your phone can help you keep track of your health. The S 5 offers a built-in heart rate monitor to get you started using your phone as the central repository of your health information.

  • Battery Size and Control: The S 5 has a battery with 8% more capacity than the S 4 and it includes Ultra Power Savings Mode, which allows you to reduce ongoing power consumption to a trickle with just a few taps.

  • Even Faster Downloads: The S 5 uses USB 3.0 and some super-duper data compression techniques to get your data to you even faster than was possible with the S 4.