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2 Popular Game Apps for the Gear S2

By Eric Butow

Games aren’t just for wasting your time on smartphones anymore. The Gear S2 makes it easy for you to play games even on the small Gear S2 screen so that you can take a well-deserved break and give your brain some exercise. Two popular games as of this writing are Crush Words Lite and Snake.

Crush Words Lite

Crush Words Lite shows you nine letter tiles in a 3-x-3 grid. The letters in the grid make up two related words, and you have to try to figure out what the two words are.

After you download and install Crush Words Lite, you can start by tapping Play in the Crush Words introductory screen. Then you see the puzzle shown here.

The first word in the first puzzle is BOY.

Tap, hold, and drag your finger vertically or horizontally over the letter tiles that you think make up one of the words. You have to move your finger over each letter of the word in order. When you get to the last letter of the word, release your finger.

If you select the right word, the letters disappear and you see only the remaining letters of the second word. Tap, hold, and drag your finger over the letters in the second word.

Tap the screen twice to get three hints about the puzzle in the Hints screen. Tap the Resume icon in the Hints screen to return to the puzzle. You can solve seven puzzles, which the game calls levels. When you’ve solved all seven puzzles, you get invited to pay for the full version of Crush Words with 80 levels and 10 hints for $1.50.

Snake Classic S2

The classic game Snake is a natural fit for the Gear S2, and you can download Snake Classic S2 from the Galaxy Apps store for free. After you install Snake Classic S2 and launch the app on the Gear S2, you see the Snake Classic opening screen.

The first time you play the game, you see an instruction screen that tells you to rotate your bezel left and right to control the direction of the snake. The next time you play Snake Classic S2, you don’t see this instruction screen.

The snake moves automatically, but you can change the direction of the snake to try to touch the snake food, which is just a stationary black dot. When your snake eats the food, the size of the snake grows and the location of the dot moves to another location on the screen.

Snakes like grass, so keep your snake within the green play area.

Now you can try to move your snake to eat more food and grow your snake as long as you can. If the snake touches itself or the perimeter of the screen, the game ends.

When the game is over, you see the number of points you received for eating the snake food in the Game Over screen. Return to the opening screen by tapping the blue Confirm icon at the bottom of the screen. Then you can tap on the opening screen to play a new game.