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Which Apps Can My Health App Work With?

The Health app on your iPhone 6 has nowhere to go but up in terms of available apps that are designed to interact with it to supply imported data such as calories consumed and steps walked. Here are some of the apps that are rumored to be in development that will work with the Health app:

  • Patient app by Mayo: This app allows you to manage doctor appointments, get test results, and read the latest medical news. Apple is working with the Mayo Clinic to add support for the Health app.

  • MyChart app by Epic: This app is very similar to Patient by Mayo, allowing you to handle appointments, get test results, and so on. This is another app that is available in the App Store today but that may take a while to become a full-fledged support tool for Health.

  • Nike+ apps by Nike: Several Nike apps take advantage of iPhone and iPad’s built-in accelerometer that allows the devices to handle and track movements. Track a variety of activities via Nike+ apps and integrate the data into Health.

  • Fitbit by Fitbit, Inc.: FitBit wristbands measure activity, sleep, and calories. They have an app that works on the iPad and iPhone, which they are likely to connect to Health.

Health is rumored to be getting its own pedometer, Steps, which will be built into the app, saving you the trouble of using a third-party pedometer app. Though Health is currently set up as a shell for entering fitness and health data in one central place, it may just gain its own tracking functionality.