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What’s New for Seniors in iPhone 4S and iOS 5

The most current operating system for Apple’s iPhone is iOS 5. It’s helpful to understand which new features the iPhone 4S device and iOS 5 bring to the table. New features in iPhone 4S include

  • Siri personal assistant: This voice recognition system armed with artificial intelligence can provide intelligent responses to your spoken questions or act on your request, such as reminding you about an appointment.

  • A dual-core A5 chip: This chip gives your iPhone much faster performance.

  • All-new camera: An improved, 8-megapixel camera with an improved light sensor.

  • The ability to shoot high-definition video: This feature includes a stabilization feature that helps keep those shakes out of your video.

In addition, your iPhone may have iOS 4 or 5 installed, depending on which phone model you bought. Any iPhone device more recent than the iPhone 3G can make use of iOS 5 if you update the operating system. This update to the operating system adds many new features, including

  • Integration with iCloud, including the ability to back up and restore your iPhone. iCloud is a new service from Apple that allows you to save and retrieve files from an online account, sync content with other Apple devices, and update your iPhone operating system without having to sync your device to your computer.

  • Newsstand, an app that allows you to subscribe to and read online versions of many popular magazines and newspapers that are pushed to your iPhone so you have the latest editions without having to do a thing once you’ve bought a subscription.

  • Reminders, a great place to centralize all your upcoming events, set reminders, and organize your commitments by date or in a list format. You can also have iPhone remind you to take actions when you leave or arrive at a location (leaving the grocery store, remember to call your spouse to ask if there’s anything else for you to get!).

  • Notifications delivered in the Notification Center, where you can control how iPhone lets you know about FaceTime alerts, new messages or reminders, events in your Calendar, and items such as badges, sounds, and banners.

  • iMessage, a new, integrated instant-messaging app for sending text messages to people using other Apple devices in real time. (Now you send it; now they see it.)

  • Additional touchscreen gestures that provide shortcuts for getting things done, such as dragging e-mail addresses to address fields in Mail and multitasking.

  • Accessibility features such as LED flash and vibration settings that help to alert those with hearing or vision challenges to incoming calls or messages.

  • Integration with Twitter from several apps — including Photos, Maps, and the Safari web browser.

  • E-mail tools that allow you to apply bold, italic, underlining, and indentation settings to your e-mail messages, as well as improved searching of messages.

  • PC Free, which is all about liberating your device from your computer so you can control many actions — such as updating to the latest version of iOS — directly from iPhone without syncing to your computer and iTunes.

  • New Game Center features such as posting profile pictures, playing turn-based games, and helping you compare your scores with your friends’.