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Visiting Web Links on Your iPhone

Web links on sites you are browsing on your iPhone work just like they do on your PC or Mac. Web links, usually text that is underlined in blue, transport you from one site to another.

Because Safari functions on the iPhone the same way browsers work on your regular computer, links on the iPhone pretty much behave the same way too. For text links, you merely tap the link to go directly to that site.

But tapping on some other links leads to different outcomes:

  • Open a map: Tapping on a map launches the Google Maps application.

  • Prepare an e-mail: Tap an e-mail address and the iPhone opens the Mail program and pre-populates the To field with that address. The virtual keyboard is also summoned so that you can add other e-mail addresses and compose a subject line and message.

  • Make a phone call: Tap a phone number embedded in a Web page, and the iPhone offers to dial it for you. Just tap Call to make it happen or Cancel to forget the whole thing.

To see the URL for a link, press your finger against the link and keep it there. This is also a way to determine whether a picture has a link.

Not every Web link will cooperate with the iPhone. As of this writing, the iPhone didn’t support some common Web standards, notably Adobe Flash video and Java. If you come upon an incompatible link, nothing may happen or a message will be displayed about having to install a plug-in.