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Using the Nook App for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

By Sarah Densmore

Do you want to buy and read books electronically without having to pay hundreds of extra dollars for an e-reader? Consider downloading the free Nook app for either iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. This creation, from retail book giant Barnes & Noble, not only allows you to purchase and download books from the seller’s Web site, but also gives you the ability to optimize your book-reading experience in some pretty nifty ways.

  • Mark memorable passages: Do you want to cite a particular section in a term paper or discuss it in book club? Highlight the text by dragging your finger across it. You can even type in a note. Nook provides the e-version of writing in the margins.

  • Customize the look of your book: Tap the center of the screen from any page you’re reading and a controls bar appears at the top. From this bar you can change the font, screen tint, type colors, and line spacing to suit your personal visual tastes. For those of you who like to read into the wee hours of the morning, you can adjust the screen brightness so your partner can enjoy uninterrupted slumber right next to you.

    The controls bar will also take you to the book’s table of contents and it’ll also let you look back on any notes you’ve written or passages you’ve highlighted.

Although the Nook’s functionality is similar in the iPhone/iPad touch version and the iPad version, the apps are not the same. If you want Nook on all of these devices, you have to download two separate apps.

  • Dictionary on demand: If you come across a word you don’t know, just touch it and Nook’s dictionary will bring up the definition. If the app dictionary doesn’t contain the word, Nook gives you the option of looking it up on Google or Wikipedia.

  • Built-in bookmark: Don’t worry about losing your place if you have to stop reading. Nook automatically places a bookmark on the last page you visited before you closed out of the book.

  • Loan your library: If you’ve downloaded a book that Barnes & Noble designates as a “LendMe” selection, you’ll be able to e-loan it out to your friends for two weeks.

  • Rate what you’ve read: If you’re an iPhone/iPod touch Nook user, you can assign a rating from none to five stars for the books you read, but this rating is basically for your own reference. Whereas iPad Nook users can actually provide ratings and comments that other iPad Nook users can read. This public rating feature seems to be the biggest difference in functionality between the two Nook app versions.