How to Use Siri to Type Your Commands or Questions on the iPhone

By Dwight Spivey

Siri is your personal assistant for iOS. She has so many tricks up her sleeves and can perform even more feats with the introduction of iOS 11. Type to Siri is another great addition to Siri. This feature allows you to type commands or inquiries instead of speaking.

This is great if you have difficulty speaking, or when you’re in a situation where you can’t speak. If speaking aloud to your phone doesn’t seem like an optimal solution, simply summon Siri and set her to work for you.

To enable Type to Siri, follow these steps:

  1. Go to General → Accessibility.
  2. Tap Siri.
  3. Toggle the switch for Type to Siri to On (green).

    Now, a keyboard appears for you to enter your commands or questions when you activate Siri.


Tap the Play button to the left of the translation to hear Siri speak it again.