Training Your Fingers to Use the iPhone - dummies

Training Your Fingers to Use the iPhone

Fortunately, the iPhone lets you get things done by using the easy gestures of tapping, flicking, pinching, and dragging, so you’ll be mastering many of the iPhone’s features in no time:

  • Tap: Tapping serves multiple purposes:

    • Tap an icon to open an app from the Home screen.

    • Tap to start playing a song or to choose the photo album you want to look through.

    • Double-tap (tap twice in rapid succession) to zoom in (or out) of Web pages, maps, and e-mails.

  • Flick: Just what it sounds like. A flick of the finger on the screen itself lets you quickly scroll through lists of songs, e-mails, and picture thumbnails. Tap the screen to stop scrolling, or merely wait for the list to stop scrolling.

  • Pinch/spread: Place two fingers on the edges of a Web page or picture to enlarge the images (spread your fingers apart) or make them smaller (pinch your fingers together). Pinching and spreading (or what’s called unpinching) are cool gestures that are easy to master and sure to wow an audience.

  • Drag: Slowly press your finger against the touchscreen and then, without lifting your finger, move it. You might drag to move around a map that’s too large for the iPhone’s display area.