Top Uses for Siri - dummies

By Marc Saltzman

Part of Siri For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So what can you do with Siri? Siri can help you out and make your life easier in numerous ways. Let us count them (in no particular order):

  • Ask about the weather, where you are or in any other city

  • Have Siri read your text messages to you

  • Dictate your e-mails and text messages

  • Ask Siri what time it is (without needing to look at your phone or a clock)

  • Create a note using your voice, or ask Siri to pull up a note via a keyword

  • Do a business search (such as “find me a good Japanese restaurant” or “find me a lingerie store in Miami”)

  • Request a calendar appointment or reminder (or ask Siri to review them for you), or set an alarm

  • Set a location-based reminder, and not just by time (for example, “When I get home, remind me to take out the recycling box” or “When I leave here, remind me to call Dad.”)

  • Ask Siri for information, such as the capital of a city or who won the World Series, or request a mathematical equation (such as the one for working out a tip in a restaurant)

  • Post to Facebook or Twitter using your voice

  • Get directions to a location (you’ll hear and see them to help you get there)

  • Ask Siri where someone is. Friends or family who have signed in to the Find My Friends app (and have previously agreed to share this info with you) appear as blips on a map

  • Call someone in your Contacts or have Siri dial by number

  • Play a song by name, and ask for something else from the same artist or genre

  • Find out how your stocks are doing (Siri will tell you)

  • Ask for live sports scores, standings, stats, and schedules

  • Tell Siri to open up any app on your iDevice by saying “Open ___”

  • Ask Siri what movies are playing near you, and when, or ask to see a trailer

  • Instruct Siri to book a restaurant reservation for you (OpenTable app required)