The iPhone Keyboard - dummies

The iPhone Keyboard

The keyboard is the heart of your iPhone. Knowing what makes this keyboard smart will help you make it even smarter when you use it.

  • It has a built-in English dictionary that even includes words from today’s popular culture.

  • It adds your contacts to its dictionary automatically.

  • It uses complex analysis algorithms to predict the word you’re trying to type.

  • It suggests corrections as you type. It then offers you the suggested word just below the misspelled word. When you decline a suggestion and the word you typed is not in the iPhone dictionary, the iPhone adds that word to its dictionary and offers it as a suggestion if you mistype it in the future.

    Remember to decline suggestions (by tapping the characters you typed as opposed to the suggested words that appear beneath what you’ve typed), as doing so helps your intelligent keyboard become even smarter.

  • It reduces the number of mistakes you make as you type by intelligently and dynamically resizing the touch zones for certain keys. You can’t see this technology at work, but your iPhone is increasing the zones for keys it predicts might come next and decreasing the zones for keys that are unlikely or impossible to come next.