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Ten iPhone 5 Features

By Chris Pichereau, Abshier House Publishing

The new iPhone 5, released on September 28, 2012, offers more than 200 new features. Among the new features included in this new release is the iOS 6 operating system. These top ten features are ones that you might want to examine to see whether the new phone is right for you:

  • Look and feel: If looks are important to you, then the new iPhone 5 redesign, with a 4-inch Retina™ display, is truly worth it.

    Touted as the smallest and sleekest phone on the market, this new thin, functional, and lighter phone is great. The screen is a full .5 inch taller at four inches and incorporates 1136 x 650 screen resolution. The new phone also has a wider keyboard so it’s much easier to type.

  • Speed: The move from 3G to LTE gives you speed. Talk around town is that that the new iPhone is remarkably faster than the iPhone 4S.

  • Maps: The new operating system release dropped Google maps and has incorporated a new Apple designed mapping feature. This is where the biggest complaint has arisen from consumers. Apple admits bugs. The mapping feature does not have a street view or transit data and offers limited traffic data. The new maps version has, however, incorporated turn-by-turn navigation and a flyover view.

  • One-hand typing: Since the screen is taller, not wider, the iPhone 5 is just easier to navigate the keyboard. The features are the used the same way. but since the screen size is increased. you can also see more of the application you are displaying, such as a full five days on your Calendar.

  • Faster downloads: The new iPhone 5 supports some additional wireless standards like LTE and DC-HSDPA. These additional standards allow for faster browsing, downloading, and streaming content. The new iPhone 5 also incorporates dual-band 802.11, which provides for up to a 150 Mbps wireless connection.

  • Longer battery life: Apple designed a new A6 chip to boost performance and power use. In addition, since there are so many new features in the new operating system, a stronger chip was required. Some studies have shown up to twice the CPU and graphics performance, so loading web pages and downloading should be noticeably faster.

  • Panoramic pictures: While the new iSight® with 8 megapixels is completely redesigned with increased optical performance, it’s actually 25 percent smaller than the camera in the iPhone 4S. In addition to clearer images, the new panorama features allows you to capture panorama images of up to 28 megapixels by simply moving the camera across a view in one smooth motion.

  • Clearer videos: The new video features in the iPhone 5 include:

    • Video face detection for up to 10 faces

    • 720 p HD video recording

    • Ability to take still photos while recording

    • Enhanced stabilization

    • Improved FaceTime call clarity

    • Enabled photo sharing through iCloud Shared Photo Streams

  • Crisper audio: The new audio features in the iPhone 5 include:

    • Higher quality sound through the microphone system

    • Background noise fades away with new noise canceling technology

    • More natural sounding speech and word clarity because of the new support for wideband audio

    • New, more durable, and natural fitted Apple EarPods™

  • Other iO6 operating system highlights:

    • Facebook integration with Contacts and Calendar

    • Passbook to get all of your passes in one place

    • New languages on Siri

    • Siri and Facebook enabled apps like Photos and Maps

While the iPhone 5 does have many great new features, it’s important to verify which ones are supported in your country. In addition, some of the claims regarding speed and battery life are based on theoretical studies, and the actual results will vary depending on specific settings and environmental conditions. Finally, the new release does have bugs, but Apple is working diligently to resolve those issues.