Settings to Make Siri Smarter - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

From Settings in the Siri app on your iPhone, you can make Siri smarter, customize her to your own preferences. For example, tell Siri in which language you want to converse. Out of the gate, Siri was available in English (United States, United Kingdom, or Australian), French, and German. Versions in Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish were subsequently added.

You can also request voice feedback from Siri all the time or just when you’re using a hands-free headset.

In the My Info field in Settings, you can tell Siri who you are. When you tap My Info, your Contacts list appears. Tap your own name in Contacts.

If you’re concerned about Siri intruding when you raise the phone up to your ear to make a call, head to Settings as well to turn the Raise to Speak feature off.

You can call upon Siri even from the Lock screen. That’s the default setting anyway.

Consider this feature a mixed blessing. Not having to type a passcode to get Siri to do her thing is convenient. On the other hand, if your phone ends up with the wrong person, he or she would be able to use Siri to make a call, send an e-mail, or send a message in your name, bypassing whatever passcode security you thought was in place.

If Apple doesn’t get around to closing this loophole, and you find this potential scenario scary, tap Settings→General→Passcode Lock. Then enter your passcode and switch the Siri option under Passcode Lock from Off to On.