Sending E-Mail to Multiple Recipients with Siri - dummies

Sending E-Mail to Multiple Recipients with Siri

If you are sending e-mail on the go, you are probably using your iPhone 4S. But with Siri you can send e-mails to groups and CC or BCC emails to multiple recipients, without any typing. You won’t believe how easy it is. Just follow these steps:

Sending e-mail to groups

  1. Say everyone’s name you want to e-mail the message to.


    For instance, say, “Send an e-mail to Dad and my wife and Mary Smith and Mike Jones.”

    Note that you must say “and” in between each of the recipient’s names.

    Siri asks, “What would you like to say to these four people?” and you’ll see them all in the To field.

  2. Answer Siri by dictating your group message.

    Siri asks if you’re ready to send it.

  3. Say “Yes” to send the message.

    You’ll hear the iPhone confirmation sound, confirming that the message was sent.

  4. (Optional) If you need to tweak a couple of things, tap anywhere on the screen and make your changes before sending.

CCing and BCCing contacts in an e-mail

Just like in a regular e-mail, you can send an e-mail to one person and carbon copy, or CC, another person, so they also receive the same e-mail as the main recipient.

As you’d expect with Siri, all you need to do is send an e-mail to someone (for example, Mary Smith) and then take a short pause, say “CC,” then mention someone else from your Contacts (in this case, Mike Jones). Then you can say “subject” and tell Siri what you want your subject line to be.


Alternatively, you can say “carbon copy” instead of “CC.”


And of course, you can also “BCC” or blind carbon copy someone when sending an e-mail. For the uninitiated, specifying “BCC” means someone else is included on the e-mail, but the main recipient won’t have a clue because he or she won’t see any mention of the other person’s name or e-mail address.

It’s considered proper netiquette not to blitz a number of people at once and reveal all of their e-mail addresses to everyone. To respect people’s privacy, it’s better to BCC people instead. Doing it with Siri is simple: Just say, “BCC,” or “blind carbon copy,” and say the person(s) e-mail address you want to hide and you’ll see that person’s name appear in the BCC area of your e-mail message.

Of course, you can CC one person (or many people) and BCC someone else (or a whole bunch of somebody elses) within the same e-mail.